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Milk Churn from the beginning

Milk Churn is the passion of me Scott, I had the dream of bringing fresh farm milk to the public from way back in 2017. I looked at raw milk originally but this was not an option here in Pembrokeshire, so that put a spanner in the works! That's until a trip up to see a family friend who started and ran Daltons dairy, a small honesty shop selling just ice cream to start, but have since expanded their product rage. This visit really gave the boost to look into milk vending again and look at the pasteurising route.

Once the process started, I was fully invested and things started to move quickly. On the 25th of January 2020 I travelled up to Ilchester to see the Daisy vending machine, and less than a year on it was installed and we have been selling milk through it. When I sit back and look, it's amazing how much has been achieved in just one year even with Covid!

The aim for Milk Churn has and always will be to sell quality fresh farm milk, there truly is not taste like it. Genteelly pasteurised and non homoginesd so the cream rises to the top, just like it used to be. Our milk is produced, processed and sold all within 30m of our milking parlour. Now that is low food miles!

This is where a shout out is needed to my whole family who have been pretty awesome helping, from cleaning out sheds, painting or designing how things were going to fit, they have always been on hand.

From the left we have a vet, opera singer, me (Scott), hairdresser, farmer and a chiropractor to be. Were a pretty diverse bunch but they have all been a big help to starting Milk Churn!

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