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Milk with cream on top

What makes our milk so good?

It's very simple here at Milk Churn, we want to process and alter the milk as little as we can, we pasteurise slow and low. We also do not homogenise our milk, so you get the cream on top, as it should be!

What is pasteurising?

This is where the milk is heat treated, this is to kill any potential bad bacteria present. We pasteurize our milk at 64°C for 30mins where most shop bought milk, is pasteurised at 72°C for 15 seconds. Although a longer process, it keeps more of the original great taste.

What is homogenising?

In basic terms, it's a process where milk is pushed through a sieve at pressure. This is done to break down the fat globules in the milk so it looks more appealing on the supermarket shop shelf, there is also some research showing it can somewhat extend the milk's shelf life.

Our milk:

The combination of lower longer pasteurising and not homogenising the milk keeps it as close as possible to how it comes fresh from the cow. I feel it's so important that everyone can appreciate the truly delicious taste of milk, as it should be, not a diluted version of a great product, which unfortunately has become the norm over recent years.

Give our milk a shake before use to mix all the delicious cream back in evenly into the milk, and enjoy some quality, delicious, fresh farm milk. Just as it should be!

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