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Rain, grass and wholecrop

Thank the rain! Safe to say we were going to resort to doing some rain dances if the rain hadn't come!

I know your probably thinking, that's all farmers talk about, it's too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, but the weather has a major impact on us, and the grass growth had slowed down just before the rain, so it came just in the nick of time for us! Let's hope it can do the trick for our cutting grass.

We normally take 3 to 4 cuts of grass a year for silage. We have land away from the farm we always cut and the odd field at home if the cows don't need to graze them. This is stored in silage clamps where it ferments and is then fed through the winter. We have also just cut our whole crop barely, this crop provides a lot of starch in the corn and fiber in the stalks, so is a great crop to mix with grass for feeding. Now that the crop is off we will replant the field with fresh grass seed. This will provide better quality grass compared to before the whole crop, as over time the quality of long-term grass ley tends to dwindle in quality and quantity, and as it was when my eldest sister Jess was born was the last time the field was re-seeded, I think it was time!

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