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Our Farm

Here at Milk Churn we farm in total 200 acers, where we are milking a herd of 140 Holstein Friesian cows. Our cows calve all year round so we can keep delicious fresh milk in our vending machine all year round. The cows with us typically milk for 305 days and have the remainder of the year off in their “dry” period.

We milk twice a day everyday 365 days a year and feeding and keeping them clean follows the same routine. The saying happy cows happy farmer could not be more accurate!

I myself hail from a long line of farming heritage on both sides of the family, it is truly in the blood! When I talk to my parent or grandparents about how things used to be, it’s extraordinary to me that “back in the day” 50 cows could sustain my dad with 6 siblings all on one holding. Were as today we are a small family farm milking 140 cows! How things change.

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